Chez Shaw Studio

A full service Post-Production recording studio:

Music composition, production, arranging, mixing, recording and editing.
Voiceover production. Sound design. Audio restoration.

  • Logic & Pro-Tools HD accel 2 running on Macintosh Dual Processor G5
  • Software Instruments include:
  • Omnisphere
  • Trilogy
  • Stylus RMX
  • Sonic Synth II
  • Live


  • Steinway Grand Piano
  • Hammond A-100 Organ and Leslie Speaker
  • Farfisa Organ
  • Ludwig Sparkle Drum Set
  • African, Brazilian, and Cuban percussion
  • Nord Stage
  • Martin Uke
  • Honer Melodica
  • Accordion

Sample Libraries:

  • Vienna String Library
  • Garritan Orchestral Library
  • Akai sample Library
  • Chez Shaw World Percussion Library (featuring world class percussionists from Africa and beyond)
  • 100GB library of SFX for film/TV


  • Production Waves Library
  • Antares Auto-Tune 4
  • Bomb Factory Suite
  • Many more…….

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