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Lots of news to report. 2009 is shaping up to be a classic; a couple few documentaries, a trip to play music in Bali, a steady Sunday night Hammond organ blitz, and of course a bunch of records being made at Chez Shaw….

First the TV news: 2008 was defined by my amazing time working at an incredible studio in NYC called Little Airplane Productions. Led by the fearless Josh Selig, it sets out to make the worlds best pre-K programming. It does a damn good job at it too! It’s flagship show is the venerable Wonder Pets! (a show I was a HUGE fan of before beginning my work with LAP). They hired me to be the everything audio/music guy for a new show in pruduction for CBeeBies (the BBC pre-K channel) called 3rd and Bird. I, along with the help of lead composer, J Walter Hawkes, was put in charge with shaping the ‘sound’ of the show. 3rd and Bird features about four songs plus lots of whistling (featuring world champion whistler, Maichael Barimo) and some incredibly infectiuos ukulele as underscore. The show has been on the air since July 2008 and by all accounts is rocking! Check it out here: 3rd and Bird


As well, I continue to write a myriad of tracks for The Oprah Winfrey Show with my rock star partner (see photo below), Teddy Kumpel. There are a bunch of Oprah samples on my Home page. In addition, I have started writing for Antena 3, a station in Madrid, Spain. Working with Dan Garcia we are kicking out dance tracks like the veterans of the dance floor we are…. Here is one of our latest:

Films n Cool stuff: I am currently super psyched to have hooked up with Documentary wizard, Jessica Oreck. She is making a film about the Japanese obsession with beetles. We are deep in production right now and she has hired me to help with sound design and the mix. The film is like no other doc you have ever seen…very avant-garde, but in a good way. Check out the trailer: Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo. And once Jessica and I send Beetle Queen off to the South by Southwest film festival I am going to jump onto a totally different doc about divorce entitled Divorcing God. I have been brought on along with my brother, Lij, to handle the score, sound design, and mix the film. This will be the firstLij and I have partnered on a project since he engineered the New Power Trio’s Echo Park in 2002. Should be aces!

And finally on the band front: I am deep in the shed with a couple great outfits these days. First is G.R.A.S.S. – the Gowanus Reggea And Ska Societ

I have been honored to be invited to write for Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project. This is an incredible group devoted to exploring the sounds of the Silk Road blended with Western composition. They have been gigging for nearly ten years and they sound like it! So fluid and expressive. I teamed up with my dear friend and percussionist Mark Suter to arrange and orchestrate Altynai, a Kazakh love song. Check out the vid from it’s debut a couple years back:

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