Nate’s Bands

My sound is a collision of jazz, pop, and dance. It is the intimacy of jazz, the immediacy of pop, the drive of Afro-Centric dance music.

Picture a studio outfitted with a Steinway grand piano and a Hammond B3 organ. The walls are lined with dozens of hand drums from West Africa, and baskets are filled with bells and shakers from Brazil, Cuba and beyond. The music I create involves layers of percussion blended with an exploration of the sounds of vintage keyboards through samplers and effects. Afro-Cuban grooves meet the subtle tweak of a Hammond Organ draw bar, a percussive piano part, or a lush floating accordion line.

Opportunities to tour the world playing piano, Hammond organ, accordion, and melodica—along with the influence of world-class percussionists from around the globe—have shaped a compositional style I call world-beat chamber jazz.

Please take a peak at the sounds percolating from Chez Shaw Studio.

Big Bucket


New Power Trio

 cd_npt1          cd_npt2

The Motion Poets

cd_mp1          cd_mp2          cd_mp4          cd_mp3


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